Diversitywise Essays

Listed below will be occasional essays around issues of diversity in early years and school contexts.

The particular focus of essays will be the development of deeper understandings regarding:

  • How do we make our early years centres and schools truly inclusive, safe and welcoming for all young people?
  • In working towards an anti-bias curriculum and pedagogy, how can we recognise and respond to the unconscious biases we all hold?
  • How can we better accommodate sometimes wide variations in ability within classes such that all children are being engaged and extended?
  • What aspects of diversity do we need to learn more about that are unfamiliar or possibly even personally uncomfortable. For example, how do we respond to the needs of LGBTQIA+ young people?
  • How can we better incorporate understanding of student diversity in behaviour management when many behaviours can be considered as symptoms of underlying issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression or learning differences?
  • Is there more we can be doing to inculcate values of not just tolerance, but valuing of diversity among young people as contribution towards future where intolerance and ignorance are less prevalent?

Educators seeking to submit articles to be included here are welcome to contact us for publication guidelines.

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