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Do you want to ask respondents what year level or class their child(ren) are in. This can help with interpreting responses but can reduce anonymity.

Questions with responses on scale.

These are questions that parents/carers answer on a scale (Strongly disagree / Mostly disagree / Partly agree / Mostly agree / Strongly agree). If they are answering in relation to more than one child, they choose the best answer based on all thier children at the school. Note You are free replace any of thse questions or add additional questions. (Up to 15 questions can be listed here.)
With respect to my child(ren) attending .......... school

Questions with text responses

These are questions that parents/carers answer using a few sentences. You are free to change these questions.

Need more / different questions

If you would like additional or different questions, describe them below in as much detail as you can. Remember good surveys are generally simple - asking for two many responses can lead to participant fatigue.
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