Diversitywise offers a range of workshops. These set out a head (thinking through) – heart (feeling the way) – hand (taking action) approach for fostering inclusive and anti-bias praxis (connection between theory, action and reflection).   They support the development of individual and collective efficacy around meeting the needs of young people.

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Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Early learning centres and schools routinely encounter tensions and challenges in working with diversity. Participants will be engaged in exploring assumptions and see tensions and challenges as opportunities.

Workshop Description Duration
Building an Efficacious Community This workshop explores tensions and challenges to individual and collective efficacy beliefs in relation to diversity and inclusion. It incorporates consideration of  staff relatedness, leadership practices, access to support and empowerment and promotes the building of workplace cohesion, communication and identification. It supports participants to become critical and reflective thinkers that take a strength-based approach to being inclusive of difference.   3 hours

half day

Sex, Gender and Sexuality Sex, gender and sexuality are critical themes in the social, emotional and academic development of young people.  This workshop promotes an anti-discrimination approach to building knowledge, working with tensions and challenges and establishing inclusive praxis. This is important as it has been linked to mental health and well-being and suicide prevention.  The goal of the workshop is the creation of safe and inclusive learning environments for students, teachers and families. 3 hours

half day

Intersex awareness It is estimated that up to 1.7 % of the Australian population has one of around 40 forms of intersex variation.  Intersex variations may be evident at birth or may be identified at different developmental stages. Some involve genetic conditions that have implications for learning difficulties. It is important that best practice models are established to avoid stigma, trauma and discrimination of  children with an intersex variation. Agli is an Australian authority in this area and can deliver training tailored to early years, school and other social contexts. 3 hours

half day

Neurodiversity and Therapeutic Teaching Workshops

Neurodiversity is a non-pathological term used to describe variations in sociability, learning, attention, mood, self-regulation, impulse control and other cognitive processes.  In some instances neurodiversity can be associated with diagnoseable conditions and disabilities, but the term fosters a strength-based approach to working with these.  Where neurodiversity is associated with behaviour, it encourages educators to look to the triggers and underlying needs.

Workshop Description Duration
Identifying Neurodiversities in the Classroom This workshop supports educators to bridge the gap between knowledge and praxis in supporting students with neurodiversity.  This is an action learning workshop. This means that the participants will expected to collect some data regarding a student(consistent with their normal responsibilities) that is brought to the workshop to be analysed. Teachers will be guided to develop a vignette regarding that student that can be shared with senior staff, parents and specialists. 2 hours
Building Supportive Learning Environments The physical learning environment impacts on both teaching and learning.  This workshop works to build and understanding of the classroom as a behavioural setting.  Knowing this, the educators can use a triad model (perceived, conceived and lived) understanding of the classroom and how it effects diverse learners 3 hour

half day

Therapeutic Teaching Therapeutic teaching models focus on the diverse needs of students who as a consequence or early or prenatal trauma, have difficulties with self-regulation, impulse control or capacity to focus.  They involve tailoring physical environments and classroom routines, promoting relationships as the conduit of learning and building student self-regulation skills. This is an area where there is often a gap between knowledge and praxis.  This course supports educators to bridge this gap and build their efficacy as therapeutic teachers.  3 hour

half day

Supporting Diverse Learners This parent/carer focused workshop considers simple approaches for supporting children with neurodiversities (both diagnosed and undiagnosed) to be successful in a school setting.  It can be adapted to needs of particular interest groups (such as parents & carers of children on the autism spectrum). 2 hours

Base workshop costs (GST ex)

Online 1 hr










Pricing Includes

  • Pre-workshop online/phone planning session to tailor content to specific needs and existing skill levels.
  • Workshop handouts/materials (where applicable).
  • Groups of up to 20 participants.
  • First 30 minutes travel.
  • Personalised (digital) certificate of completion for each participant.
  • $50 credit towards additional services.

Additional costs

  • Additional charges for groups of more than than 20.
  • Additional travel time /costs (wherever possible travel time will be spread across multiple clients to reduce your costs.  Schools are encouraged to coordinate workshops with other schools in their region).
  • Venue / catering (if required).
  • Post-workshop report on workshop outcomes and followup.

Social discounts

  • Schools (and early learning centres within their catchments) with an Index of Community Socio-educational Advantage rating below 950 are eligible for a discount 0f between 10-30% .
  • Aboriginal controlled organisations also receive a 30% discount.
  • Parent groups and charitable organisations with an annual turnover below $2M are also eligible for discounts by negotiation.

Additional services (Prices on application)

Tailored questionnaires

Class/centre observations

Followup consultations

Tailored reporting

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