Diversity is just ‘the world.’ It’s different cultures, different backgrounds, different ethnicities, different religions, genders, sexual orientation, shapes, sizes. That is the world, but we call it ‘diversity’ because there is this one type that has always been accepted …..  and it’s finally starting to change. D. MacDonald

Our Services

Diversitywise Educational Services provides curriculum, pedagogy and professional development services to early learning centres and schools. These services are characterised by:

  • A broad engagement with diversity and inclusion as impinges on almost every aspect of child development and education.
  • Learning partnerships that recognise that educators are the custodians of knowledge regarding their educational context.  We are advocates for ‘teacher-led’ educational improvement.  We partner with you in the collaborative development of learning and operational objectives. We will then facilitate these for you drawing on our expert knowledge.

Each of the following services are expressions of these principles.

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