The Small Print

Our service to you is founded on principles of trust and integrity.  This page outlines how we put these principles into practice.

Your use of our website and services constitutes agreement to these conditions.  If you have a specific query about these conditions, please contact us.

Child Safety

All our staff have current Victorian Working with Children accreditation with cards available for inspection upon request.


We will normally respond to contact (email, phone) within one working day.  There may be exceptions where a longer time frame is required, but these will be the exception

Your Identity

References to ‘You’ in this document are inclusive of the organisation, which you represent.

When you engage us to provide a service, you will nominate your primary contact for correspondence.  You may also nominate additional authorised contacts (if you are a school or college, the Principal is taken to be an authorised contact).

We will only act on instructions from, and provide information to your authorised contacts (usually your primary contact) and will normally require instructions in writing or an email.

Information Ownership

You retain ownership of any data you provide us to enable us to provide a service to you.  We will not use this data for any purpose inconsistent with the services you have requested, unless we have written permission from you to do so (see also the Privacy Policy below).

Where data has been collected from individuals at your school or institution with a commitment of confidentiality, ownership of that data in its disaggregated form rests with that individual, not the school or institution. Data will be de-identified and normally aggregated with these summary products then available to the school or institution.

Conflicts of interest

In general, we don’t represent any other organisation (if we do for a particular project, we will make that completely clear).

We are school and data driven.  That means we will work within your educational paradigm rather than imposing one of our own.   We have views on pathways to educational excellence, but will be upfront about these and will always be guided by what you want.

If we perceive a potential conflict of interest, as soon as it becomes apparent (usually before you engage us) we will let you know.  An example of this might be if you engage us to write a grant application for a highly competitive grant round and we are already writing a similar application for another school.

Data Storage and Security

We take data security seriously.  We use encrypted, password protected cloud based data storage from reputable providers with servers situated in Australia.  We will not be held liable in the unlikely event that data is lost through any failure of our data storage providers.

We have implemented reasonable measures to help protect your information from loss, misuse, or unauthorized access or disclosure. As no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure, we cannot guarantee data security.

Where we have data we consider especially sensitive, we may implement additional security measures such as two-factor identification or separation of identity information (eg school or individual’s names) from that sensitive data.

Unless otherwise directed by you, data provided by you will be deleted from our systems 12 months after the completion of the service for which that data was provided to us.

Upon request we can advise you of data we hold on your behalf.  This information will normally be provided within 7 days and will be provided at no cost to you.  Upon written instruction from a school principal or otherwise appropriately authorised person, we will delete any data we hold on your behalf (noting copies may remain in our back-up storage for some period of time after your request, and that if you delete certain information you may not be able to order services in the future without re-submitting such information).

Intellectual Property

Our services involve the application of our intellectual property.  You have an unrestricted and ongoing right to make use of the products of our intellectual property within your school or institution.  Our reports can normally be circulated freely in PDF format.  We do not authorise you to distribute any digital templates, tools or other products of our services to other institutions without our written permission.

We work very hard to constrain our costs to make our services affordable for schools and we can only do that by spreading development costs over a large number of schools.   Where we provide you a customised service or report, we retain the right to re-use templates, approaches or tools we develop for you with other schools; this is one way we keep our costs low.

If you come to us with an idea you want us to develop, we would treat this as your intellectual property, and not appropriate it without your written permission.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to your privacy as a visitor to our website and a customer.  This section sets out our commitment to you as our customer.

Information We Automatically Collect

We use Google Analytics to better understand how often our website is visited and how people engage with it.  This means that each time you visit we may collect non-identifying information (usage data)  such as your browser and device access time, the web page you came from, and how you navigate our site.

This involves the storage of cookies on the computer or device used to access our website.  You can set your browser to not accept these.  We don’t use cookies for marketing or advertising purposes.

We have elected to anonymise IP addresses and not track user IDs with this service (this means Google doesn’t record your IP address and we don’t link repeat visit to our website).  We do record IP addresses of individuals submitting forms solely as an anti-spam measure (allowing us to block the IP addresses of spammers).  We don’t retain your IP address or use it for any other purpose.

Information You Choose To Provide

Your use of our services involves providing us some information about yourself by email, post, telephone and/or our website.   This may include both public information (eg information also available from your website) and private information (anything not generally accessible to the public).

In general, we will never share your private information with any third party without your permission.  For example, we will not give anyone your email address and will never ‘spam’ you. There are several specific limitations to this policy:

  • We may enter into relationships with third parties who provide services to us (e.g., data management and storage services or credit card processing services). In those circumstances, we disclose user information that is necessary for such service providers to perform those services and require that they maintain the confidentiality of such user information.
  • We will make information available to third parties if required under Australian laws.
  • If you identify any information as public (eg by posting it to an online forum we may host) then you authorise us to make that available to other people.
  • If you represent an institution or company, and unless you specifically request us not to, we may identify you as a client on our website as part of our marketing initiatives.

If you subscribe to an email list and then elect to unsubscribe, follow the instructions in the bottom or our subscription emails.  We will delete you from that email list.

Where we provide links to third-party services (such as Facebook and LinkedIn) activating those links implies acceptance of information those services may collect about you as a user of those services.

Where we provide links to independent websites, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of these websites.

Compliance with Australian Privacy Principles

As an Australia focused and based business, we comply with Australian Privacy Principles.

If you ever have any concerns whatsoever regarding how we take care of your data, then please contact us!  In the unlikely event you believe we have breached your privacy, and are unsatisfied with our response to that concern, then we would refer you to the complaint process provided by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.


We may update any of these conditions from time to time. If under any such update we make any material change to the way in which we treat your User Information, we will inform you of such change via email or by posting a notice on relevant areas of this website. Any updated version of these conditions will be effective as of the date of publication.

Last updated May 2019